Clay In Common
A little bit about me

My name is Amber and I am a potter.
I’ve received my BFA from Framingham State University in 2010. I have been working in clay for the past 13 years. I am currently employed at the Potters Shop & School in Needham, MA where I also make my pottery. I am primarily focused on wheel thrown pottery you can enjoy during daily use.

I'm also a mother and a wife.
Two years ago, my priorities changed as my husband and I welcomed our daughter into the world. She is bright in all senses of the word. Its been amazing watching her grow and learn. We love our life together and hope to expand in home and family very soon. Although we like to fit creating and general crafting into our days as often as we can, I'm ready to start making pottery again.

Determined to keep clay in my life, we are currently looking for a home with enough space for a pottery studio and a couple more kids! The earnings from the 2 birds ONE sale going on from now until August 31st 2016, will directly support that magical dream!